26 de mayo de 2011

Favorite Class

My favorite class of veterinary medicine is Animal Reproduction.  It is very entertaining , dynamic and practice. 
In addition is an area that interested me enough, especially the part of  large animals.  

I think it was one of the classes I attended  with more enthusiasm and I did not miss any of themnot my lot  . I liked the themes of each class. I enjoyed studying for this class this was one of the classes with better marks. Also teachers were very nice and  always had time for some answer any questions.  
I learned many new things for example reproductive diseases and  treatment , gestation in different species and much more. We even had a cesarean in a cows , was very didactic and a nice experience, especially to see the calf was very beautiful.  

 Maybe I would like to work in the future to work in this area especially  in cattle.

Greetings, Bye

24 de mayo de 2011

I Admire

Enzo bosco is veterinary medical degree from the University of Chile. It has a large number of studies especially in the area of animal neurology. He is the founder and president of the Latin American Association of Veterinary Neurology. Besides Dr. Bosco has exhibited in various countries. Currently participates as a member of the Neurological Institute and also teaches. His hobby is music and the collection of hats.
I think it is an integral veterinarian, with a great experience. I admire him for being a great vet for our university and the great love for animals consistently demonstrated in their commitment to their profession. Besides being a good teacher is always giving his knowledge to his students the best way.
I think it's one of the best teachers who have veterinary, besides being a great person.

I hope to share the same opinion.

Greetings, bye

14 de abril de 2011

My Career and more

I  went to study veterinary because really  I coul not get career studying medicine. However  the career I like way too. I have come much bring to animals also I have know other world tha medicine related with the animal health. In my opinion is a career very extensive about work. I like being connected with nature and the outdoors and especially the possibility of working in the field. I think it is a carrer underestimate, because even not animals are valued as they should and veterinarians are of little concern in his work. I hope this change then.

So far I have not regretted consider entering this career. I think it was the best option..¡ 

Luck to all, bye ¡¡

people My name is Maria Jose, but most know me as Jose, currently living in Santiago with my parents. Now I am studying veterinary medicine in the best university in Chile. Soon I hope to finish my studies and work in what I like.
I have a big family, united with which it shares a lot of time. In addition I have good friends whom I met in university.

Well I think the idea is fun to create me a blog to interact with others, exchange experiences and opinions. I hope I enjoy it very much.

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